Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Certified Aging In Place Bathroom Renovation

Four Walls Design and Construction, Inc. is pleased to highlight a bathroom renovation for the young and seniors alike. This bath is only 60" wide by 100" long, your standard hall bath.  It includes a wall hung lavatory with wheelchair access underneath.  The roll in shower has a collapsible dam and a full length shower curtain to contain the water.  The Showers are a power house of water power.  Two handheld shower heads on slide bars can be used one at a time or together with enough water flowing through the 3/4" pipe.  The shower heads themselves have 3 functions for a soothing massage or an invigorating one. The finishes are durable and fashionable.  The homeowner is thrilled to have accessibility, durability and style in their new bathroom! Click on play below.

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